8 Best Cat Litter for Cats with Asthma (For Dust-Free Air)

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Asthma is common in cats, and up to 5% suffer from it. Getting the best cat litter is a good measure to minimize asthma attacks. 


Low dust or dust-free litter will help ease respiratory problems and enhance clean air in your cats’ environment.


When getting the clay-based cat litter, ensure it is dust free, and the unscented ones will work perfectly for a cat with asthma.


Additionally, silica and natural cat litters produce low or no dust and are the best for cats. Let’s check a list of the best cat litter for cats with asthma. Stick on.


Quick Summary: Best Cat Litter for Cats with Asthma

Product  Best for
World’s Best Cat Litter Septic safe
Dr. Elsey’s Crystal Litter Herbal essences
Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented Litter Multi-cat household
Ever Clean Unscented Cat Litter Absorbent 
Tidy Cats, Free & Clean Unscented Litter Long lasting
Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter Natural 
Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter Budget 
sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter Eco-friendly 


Best Cat Litter for Cats with Asthma: Our Top 8  Picks


1. Best Septic Safe: World’s Best Cat Litter


This 99% dust-free litter from World’s Best is the perfect solution for your asthmatic cat.


The natural litter is quick clumping and easiest to scoop; it doesn’t require chiseling or scraping when cleaning up the litter box.


The litter is people- and pet-friendly since it doesn’t contain artificial perfumes or harmful chemicals, plus it’s flushable and septic safe.


This clumping litter requires low tracking, and your cat breathes easily. For the best results, please don’t mix it with non-clumping litter.


2. Best with Herbal Essences: Dr. Elsey’s Crystal Litter


You will love this silica gel litter. The crystal silica is unscented and non-clumping, making it healthy for your cat.


The gel is amorphous and infused with hydrolyzed herbs that draw your cat to the litter box. The stress-reducing herbal essences also help control respiratory problems.


You won’t have trouble cleaning or filling the litter box with these gel crystals, and they are easy to scoop and have a low-tracking formula. They don’t have perfumes, deodorants, or plant proteins.


The litter works well for cats with long fur as it doesn’t stick on the fir or color it. It’s hypoallergenic and non-toxic and doesn’t produce any dust making it the best solution for your cat with asthma.


3. Best for Multi-Cat Household: Frisco Multi-Cat Unscented Litter


If you have a multi-cat household, Frisco litter is the best. It’s faster to clean up as the clay litter forms small hard clumps for easier scooping.


No dyes, perfumes, plant proteins, or added fragrances exist in the hypoallergenic litter. There is low dust, and the proprietary process helps reduce the dust.


Your household may be smelly with many cats, but this odor-busting litter has a unique deodorizing system that immediately neutralizes the odor.


You don’t need a pan liner; the litter is designed to absorb liquid quickly before it gets to the bottom of the box.


4. Best Absorbent: Ever Clean Unscented Cat Litter


This highly absorbent litter will dry your kitty’s litter box and provide maximum odor protection.


The activated carbon is bonded and mixed with the litter granules, which helps eliminate odor for up to 14 days.


It’s a low dust formula that keeps your allergic cat healthier and gets less messy while keeping your surface clean. The locking moisture holds together strong clumps for easier scooping when cleaning.


The unscented litter is made from natural minerals and clays and doesn’t contain harmful chemicals or additives.


5. Best Long Lasting: Tidy Cats, Free & Clean Unscented Litter


Purina’s tidy cats’ litter will provide uncompromised odor control. The activated charcoal with the TidyLock technology ensures that your home is odor free.


Your asthmatic cat will have an easier time with this 99.9% dust-free litter with no messes while filling the box.


It forms tight and strong clumps that make it easy to clean. Your sensitive kitties will stay happy with the zero fragrances litter.


Check the litter regularly to ensure that urine doesn’t pass the bottom. An enclosed litter box will serve greatly with this litter.


6. Best Natural: Naturally Fresh Walnut Cat Litter


The 100% natural walnut shell litter neutralizes odor from the cat better than pine, corn, or wheat. The malodor counteract eliminates urine and fecal odor.


The dust-free formula is the best for cats with respiratory issues, not to mention that the litter is free from toxins, chemicals, and grains, making it safe for your cat.


The large grain consistency in the litter makes it the best for adult cats since it doesn’t stick on their paws hence minimal tracking.


It’s easier to dispose of or bury the eco-friendly litter in your backyard since it’s biodegradable, plant-based, and compostable.


7. Best for Budget: Scoop Away Unscented Cat Litter


This unscented litter will be the best for your sensitive nose and provide a healthy environment for asthmatic cats.


It provides an instant odor control that will last up to 7 days, plus it has some microbial agents to enhance the stopping of unpleasant odor.


There is less mess with this dust-free litter, meaning it will be easier to clean up and enhance fresh air for your kitty. The ammonia shield in the litter enhances odor prevention.


The litter forms strong and tight clumps that are easy to scoop while cleaning up the box. for the best performance, maintain a 3 to 4 inches litter.


8. Best Eco-Friendly: sWheat Scoop Natural Cat Litter


Made from biodegradable and renewable wheat, the litter is all natural and ultra-absorbent. Wheat enzymes are odor reducers naturally by trapping ammonia odors quickly.


There are no harmful ingredients, dyes, dust, or perfumes that could interfere with your cat’s health or respiratory system.


The biodegradable litter is eco-friendly; you can bury it in your backyard, use it for your compost or even flush it.


The clumps form easily, making scooping while cleaning an effortless task. Break the clumps after scooping for easier flushing.


Final Thoughts


When you have an asthmatic cat, dust and perfumes should be at the top of the list of items to keep away. Although clay litters are dust-free, you must regularly check and change the litter to create a serene environment. 


Silica litter can stay longer but ensure you change it after the recommended range of days. Your veterinarian can recommend the best litter for your asthmatic cat. All the best in your purchase.

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