Why Does A Harness Calm My Cat?

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More and more photos and videos show cats walking around with a harness and looking perfectly happy. Is this equipment a plus? Why not choose a collar instead? How does it work? Is your cat old enough? And most importantly: Why does a harness calm my cat? Let’s find out in today’s article!


A harness is a piece of equipment made up of straps that let you attach your pet by the chest to pull something (draught-horse, sled dogs, etc.) or, in the case of your cat, to avoid attaching it at the neck. In fact, the harness keeps the neck from being pulled and is often safer than a collar, which some cats can get out of easily.



  • To give your cat some fresh air away from your house if he goes out


  • If he lives in an apartment, get him out of his routine by taking him outside.


  • You can safely take him with you on public transportation and in your car if you can open his cage.


  • To tie him up without a cage in the car






The answer is to take your time and link the object to a treat or a food that is hard to resist.


The key to success is not to rush it. Instead, get him used to it gradually by having him wear it in your home for short periods of time until it is no longer something new or stressful. Then, when you take your cat outside, it won’t be scared of the harness because it will be used to it. For the outside, you should also do things in stages. Your cat won’t be able to get used to it right away if you haven’t taken it out since it was young. On the other hand, don’t worry if some cats don’t like going outside. No matter how old they are, they can all learn. You have to get him moving!


Why does a harness calm my cat? There are so many direct and indirect reasons!


  • First of all, the harness is safer for your cat than the collar, which is its main benefit. In fact, the harness is the best way to take your cat outside without it running away. In fact, the harness is made to fit the cat’s body and can be tightened or loosened to fit it well. So, if it fits right, even the most agile cat won’t be able to get away from it.


  • Also, cat harnesses are made to fit the shape of a cat’s body. This means that when the cat walks, the harness will spread the pull over its body so that it doesn’t get strangled.


  • The cat needs more comfort.


  • Most cat harnesses are made of nylon, which makes them very light and comfortable to wear. The cat will forget it is wearing a harness as soon as it is put on. Even if the harness holds the cat’s whole body, it won’t stop it from moving. This is because it can be adjusted to the millimeter so that it fits your cat perfectly.


  • Useful when traveling by car


  • You will have to get your cat used to wearing a harness if you don’t want to put her in a box when you travel by car. With a harness, the cat can be fastened to a car seat while being moved. This is better for the cat than being stuck in a box. A car harness also keeps your cat safe and protected in case of an accident, since it stays fastened securely.



You should know everything by now and be able to answer the question: “Why does a harness calm my cat?” Do you still have any questions about our cat friends? Don’t be afraid to get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help. Also, feel free to comment below as a way to share your experience with other readers. You might not be the only one wondering such a question or having struggles in taking decisions regarding your cat.

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James Ruby

Most cats are either indoor or outdoor, but if you want your indoor cat to be able to enjoy the outside world - the best way I discovered is to use a body cat harness, that feels like a tucked hug for your pet.

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Most cats are either indoor or outdoor, but if you want your indoor cat to be able to enjoy the outside world – the best way I discovered is to use a body cat harness, that feels like a tucked hug for your pet.

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